Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't know my exact time of birth?

We go by the closest thing we can. If you have a parent with a memory for say, the meal they had just before they left the house or if they remember being admitted to hospital in the day or night that can be helpful with creating an approximate time to work with. Failing all that we use 12 Noon to give us the best overall average for that particular day.

Does It Matter?

Yes and No. Basically the planets are stationed in different signs for different time periods. The Sun (which you generally know as your star sign) is in its sign for approximately 30 days, whereas Pluto for example, takes 248 years to go through all signs and stays in each one for 14 to 30 Years!!

So, unless a transit was taking place within the exact time frame we estimate,  then you have a pretty good change most details are close to correct.

What about the Ascendant?

That is however, a tricky one. It changes close to every two hours. So if you are really unsure of times, this would become basically irrelevant in your chart.

Where are some good places to search for my time of birth?

Baby books or boxes that contain memorabilia from childhood are a great place to start, as often when a baby is born the details are recorded on a card and placed within the baby's crib, which the parents tend to take as a keepsake.

Baby's 'My Personal Health Record' (or Blue Book) issued in most states within Australia also keep a record of this information. 

Some countries do record the time of birth on the birth certificate, but not all do. Government agencies would need to be contacted to obtain such information if missing from your birth certificate and a fee may be charged.

How long will my order take to process?

All orders are processed weekly and are generally dispatched within 4 days of receiving the order. If there is a particular event or deadline that you need us to meet, please contact us via email and we are happy to accommodate the request and/ or upgrade shipping to express post at customers expense. 


All prints and booklets are posted flat and registered post, so yes you need to sign for it. But totally worth it for a little bit of peace of mind that it won't be crammed in your letterbox or left out in the rain.

Free local pick up if available, if you contact us via email to arrange. Pick up in from Wollongong, NSW.


We Currently don't offer framing due to postage costs, but we are looking into it.

The best frames that we have found personally are the Ikea 30 x 40cm Frames. RIBBA, VIRSERUM, MOSSEBO to name a few, as the A4 print fits perfectly within the mount provided.

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