CHILD Astrology Natal Report Booklet

CHILD Astrology Natal Report Booklet

A printed overview of a journey from babyhood through to young adulthood. Best suited for ages birth to 13 years.


The booklets are A5 size printed on premium tinted 80GSM paper, with a recycled card cover.


Featuring chart wheel, positions and aspects.


A detailed report includes information regarding strengths and weaknesses, personality traits and relationship breakdowns for your little person. 


The report includes:

  • Family and Friends: interpretations for the Moon and Venus in the signs and houses.
  • Talents and Schooling: interpretations for the Sun and Mercury in the signs and houses.
  • Goals: interpretations for the Ascendant and Mars in the sign and houses.
  • Childhood Journey: interpretations of hard and soft aspects from Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.


Please note that not all location's provided are availble on the software and coordinates will be located for the nearest major town or city. If you have a specific preferance on what is printed, please email with the expressed request.

Be sure to double check all details provided including spelling and AM or PM. Gender is also important in the case of unisex names.


    In the case of twins, a booklet can be printed with both names as the overall report will more than likely not vary due the minimal difference in time between births.

    If you would like to order a booklet per child, the cost is $50 per book due to printing and generating costs.

    The way it is suggested to interpret a twin report, is that certain traits both twins will display, whilst others they will divide between them, this can also change during their lives.


    There are no returns or refunds offered on this product as they are personalised and one of a kind.

    If an error has been made, we are happy to discuss options available for reprinting.


    Free Shipping Australia Wide


    Flat Rate for International shipping is $15 Standard Post.

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