Solar Returns evaluates and interprets the major themes for the forthcoming birthday year.This annual forecast report includes;	An Introduction to Solar Returns explaining the concept of an annual forecast birthday chart.	This Year’s Major Theme (The Ascendant, Sun in House, Sun Ruling House, Aspects to Sun).	This Year’s Personal Matters (Moon in House, Moon in Sign, Aspects to Moon, Venus in House, Venus in Sign, Aspects to Venue).	This Year’s Challenges (Mars in House, Aspects to Mars, Uranus in House, Pluto in House).	This Year’s Lessons (Mercury in House, Mercury in Sign, Aspects to Mercury, Jupiter in House, Aspects to Jupiter, Saturn in House, Aspects to Saturn).	This Year’s Journey (Neptune in House, Aspects to North Node).  Please note; This is a digital product only. No physical product will be posted.

Solar Return Report - Digital Email Format